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thank you for writing to me doogy,

where do you live i live just outside london. how is your fiancee doing now on the iv better? what docs diagnosed the cfs? thank you so much for talking to me. i tried a course of doxy once made me feel like hell i could only tolerate one day they are not the drug for me. like your f i have extreme anxiety, i have changed inevry way. i feel very drunk sort of feeling. when i got real bad i would tell me doctor its like i got something and then the antibiotics could sometimes make things real again very short periods. im ill as hell im sleeping these wierd sleeps allday and night that i fell i can hardly wake up from. and when i do its pain anxiety you name it. my head hurts so bad i fell like its meningitus and the dizzyness is terrible i have lost my bowel and bladder functions. i am mentally and physically gone. i had a phychotic attack last night but apparantly the shrink says im not ohycho or scitzo. i was bit almost three years ago our cat has a tick. i think the third option doc may be the best how can i get in touch with him?? also this country is fullof arrogant pricks of docs i was branded as some kind of phychosomatic disorder but funny the drugs for it are not stopping all this also i keep getting infections evrywhere ear urine chest at least evrytwo weeks and i need another doc for that apparantly.....! i even have devloped bell palsy. im like a small phychotic disturbed child and dont want to be this way i just know that the antidepressnats are not the meds that are going to cure this. i look like a monster too!! i have had too abnormal lumbarpunctures that no one explined and i was later told i may have had meningitus then.. good old nhs. this has destriyed the lives of evryone around me. im like your f i never rember what people say and am always asking people to repeat the details to me...
About evry sytmn of my body has been effected. i dont think oral antibiotics do anything but could never afford iv unless the nhs did it. im see a neuro recently on the nhs im wondering if he could do it if i got communication drom this other doctor. i speant time in the national neurological hospital last year.
they had branded me before tests but one doctor cause of my eye threw up the idea of als. is this all abit too canny really . and then when you mention lymes they go were you bit recently and you feel like strangling them to say no i was bit three years ago and left like this! im scared cause my dad is getting brain washed by these nhs doctors. and having to live with the wreck i am. did that third doc test through igenex. i think i might try and do dad and partner given up on me becuase of my mood swings and say no one can be this ill. my dads talking about phchosomatic. He cant see we went down this route and i didn't get better and that by not sticking his oar in he is actually making things worse for me. it hurts badly he doesnt stand up to these pricks and so the problem continues and will i ever be tha same again. maybe you could talk to him on here cause its difficult for him too. i wondered about the hhv6 theory have any docs looked into this for you. im off too bed. please keep in touch.....

Zoe x

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