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[COLOR="Purple"][B]Yep the whole ordeal is kind of scary. Trust me I like everyone here has had to run into dead ends and try something different told I had fibro, CFS, dementia, mental retardation, alsheimers, Gullians ect ect...It has been a total nightmare...But ohhhh what a learning experience.

I was on adderall and ritalin...hmmmm...sure like it ...helped me get up and go (at times) But I also know it sure can be addicting...mentally and physically.

Sometimes it is just good for your body to rest also...Helps it repair. Or there are things like Iodoral and other natural things that can be just as useful.

To be honest with you I feel the antibioctics are nothing compared to not walking, or being in bed the rest of my life. I've been on them now for around 8 years..One just has to watch the yeast over growth...but shoot majority of medications will do this to a it is not just antibiotics...

I do feel if you are going to a LLMD you will be in good hands. There aren't many out there. And if you are so lucky to finally find a name for what you have and a treatment plan..Then that is half the battle.

Like I have said going through all the mis-diagnoises, all of the flippin withdrawls from the numerous drugs I was given...oh I am soooo happy that I found the proper far out weighs the illness and the jumping around from doctor to doctor.

Try not to overload yourself with worry. How one person reacts to treatment would be different for the next. I had to switch my antibiotics around many times try different things....and possibly your face would clear up with the right treatment never know...:)

Let us know how your appt goes, I wish you luck in finding the right diagnoises!


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