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I too am seeing an LLMD soon after years of symptoms, a dx of fibro/cfs, the still looming "possible MS" and the always degrading "It's all in your head," or "It's phsyical signs of depression."

I am so fearful of spending months and months being treated for Lyme if I don't in fact have it. I have so many symptoms, but on paper I'm healthy as a horse. All blood tests come back within normal limits, and the only band on my western blot was 41 IgM, which apparently shows up positive on a huge portion of the population, healthy or otherwise. There is so far no logical explanation for my condition, particularly the severe, sometimes overwhelming fatigue and muscle weakness. I was extremely athletic and active until about four years ago. I've also reluctantly seen several psychiatrists who have all assured me if I suffer from any depression whatsoever it is solely a secondary type caused by feeling so lousy and having no answers.

I'm also concerned about what the treatment might do. I've been on antibiotics at length for acne, and had no side effects except the occassional yeast problem, but the idea of being on medication for a length of time still worries me. I hope someone will answer this question for you. I'm sure there are many folks like us out there wondering the same thing.

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