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[QUOTE=deccajay;3371672]I was diagnosed with lyme several years ago and treated. In ’03 I relapse and I was treated for a year. Since then I have beguine to have symptoms again. Joint pain, soar knees, muscle pain, pain in my bones, Fatigue, headache, difficulties with memory and feeling a fog in my brain. Some times shortness of breath. My GP ran the lyme test and it came out negative. He told me when my symptoms faired up again I should get retested so today I went in for the blood work again. While I was there my friend mentioned that this could possibly be fibromyalgia. I have figured this was lyme since I have a history, and I know that some times it doesn’t show up on tests. But I figured I should not rule out that it could also be something else. I have been in a lot of pain and I would appreciate and help from anyone.
Hi Deccajay
Have you been tested for the coinfections of Lyme
I went to see dr raxlen in ny he is an llmd lyme specialist and I have the myalgia pain as well I have been on IV therapy about a year I did get a positive on my biopsy from my gallbladder for lyme in my system even after a year
The myalgia pain I am told is from the coinfections and I was put on zithromax the end of nov
I have had 2 episodes of herxing since being started at the end of nov This is a good sign of things working still They had to change me from the rocephin because it doesn't work as well as the zithromax on the babesia I also take mepron and many pain meds The pain is like burning and pulsating nerve pain in my legs and arms I also take lyrica for the myalgia pain It seems like forever since I have felt like myself but I do make certain gains along the way I don't know if you had chronic lyme or not but they say sometimes it takes as long to get rid of it as the amount of time it took to diagnose it
I hope you get some answers Keep us posted
Take care

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