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Re: Depression
Jan 11, 2008
[QUOTE=bigstan;3378053]Hello Everyone, I feel really wierd. I think that I'm in a major depression. I haven't been able to leave my house in two years because of Lyme. I have a picc line in now. I have done Rocephin and am now on doxy. Nothing seems right to me anymore. I have a lot of pain. I live alone and it's rare to have a visitor. I moved out to a new place three years ago. All my friends live hours away. I'm a 41 year old guy who used to enjoy life. I have relied on my mother to get me food and around to the doctors. But she is old and really gets upset with doing these things. She kind of doubts how sick I am.

I am really sick and I believe the Lyme is affecting my thoughts. I have insominia. My emotions are all screwed up. I'm losing track of the day and months are flyng by. I'm so exhaustive and have many neurological problems. I can't walk very well. I have now had dizziness 24/7 that has lasted for more then a year. I am dealing with constant pain in my neck and middle back. I have ringing ears that don't stop. My patience has more then been tested.

I am dealing with depression, anxiety, panic, and feels like I have started some sort of aggressive behavior. I feel like I should be in an institution. But I'm looking for help. I'm not suicidal. I realize that I have major problems.

Is this common? Does anyone know what I am talking about? Does it go away? And with what kind of treatment?

As I mentioned before I am on a picc line and have done two months of Rocephin and the last two months on Doxy. I don't see great improvements. In fact the brain (fog) or inflamation is worse.

This is terrible. No one without Lyme can understand what I'm going through.

Thank You for any advice or answers.[/QUOTE]
Hi Stan
Boy does all of what you are going through come through loud and clear I was on IV rocephin for 12 months It did bring me through the part of dizziness and that cleared up alot except for a little when I am stresed out or over tired The headaches were excrusiating andI would even sneeze and I would almost fall over Buzzing and pain in my ears jumping and twitching and jerking in my arms and legs then I would have what I decribe as hundred of what felt like fleas biting me until I almost couldn't stand and probably didn't want to live certain days and I would have convulsions while I was on the rocephin trying to clear up the neurological end of the lyme I think it took about 6 months before some of this started to subside some insurance companies only approve Iv therapy for a period of 60 days but in our case alot of times that isn't enough . I am now on IV Zithromax mepron which is an anti malarial for the babeosis and now the dr has added levaquin so I will keep you posted I kind of know first hand what someone would feel like having to depend on another person to do things for them since my son had a stroke at 10 months ols and now will be turning 36 on wednesday and has never been able to drive because of a seizure disorder .
Do you have any services in your area for persons with diabilties that you coulsd apply for that would drive you to places and lighten up the load on your mom My son has these through disability agencies which is federally mandated Check with your local health and human services office .
It is common in co-infections and Lyme to have impulse control issues and I am being treated with Lamictal for that issue and what the doctor described to me was it was very close to having a seizure disorder just in the temporal lobe of your brain that controls impulse control It has helped tremendously I am still not as in control of my emotions as before my illness but much better than before I started on it I also take xanax for the axniety because if I get upset I visibly shake unconrollaby Also I take trazadone for the insomnia which helps with the agression which somtimes comes from lack of restful sleep and stimulas overload . Without proper rest we cannot heal as well and the treatment is lowed down I tried ambian but it didn't do a thing for me
As we all know lyme has been such a life changing experience and alot of us look so normal people look at us like whats the matter with you you look great .
Sounds like alot of meds but it is much better than feeling so out of control about an sort of stimulation that would sent me off the deep end like so many others have experienced with Lyme
I am looking forward to the day I can go back to the occaisional Advil
So look into other treatment options for symptoms and don't be afraid to describe to your doctor what you have going through
My thoughts are with you
Take care ryebeach

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