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dear all, i went to the er tonight

my symptons have got so bad. my dad went to our gp saying i have headaches i can't wake up from properly burning urine. going to urinate all the time dizzyness. im getting itching rahes all into my head. my eyebrows are falling out my leg hair my hir on my head.. i hve been on rifamacin as they orginally diagnosed me with tb but like i said im getting worse not better with new symptons. anyhow i have scratch marks on my ankles my stomach. my head. my skins really furred up. i was given antifungals by my doctor just recently cause of a sore throat that wont go away and being on antibiotics. my gp despite all this says that he wont do anything. the scratch marks are by my ankles like i have been bit again. i have been petting our cat again who has the tick, she also has mange like condition now. anyhow when my doctor said he would not help. My dad went funny on me again and my boyfriend. And i said i would take an overdose. my boyfriend called the police and ambulance drivers on me. i let them in showed them old photos of me explined what was happening. not about lyme. Cause i know they will go?

told them i had burning urine for three weeks. and they said that wasn't on and the fits and the guy when he saw my old photo almost cried. they explined to my local er where they regularly kicked me out for two years. saying i would need iv antibiotics for the urine. and the all the toxins were probably making me ill confused from the infection. i dont think its down to just a urine infection somehow. and the horrible nurse who always send sme out printed a sheet saying overdose aattempt nothing else and dont admit.
they were obliged to see mebut stuck me in the corridor i knew they weren't going to help and went to get home. and collapsed outside in my own urine. two more ambulance drivers brought me back inand told them the nurse said i look well. they couldn't believe it they tried to speak to a senior doctorwho ignored them this was after the same nurse sent me back out inot the corridor.
i was seen by a junior doctor who has patronised me there before. and he said he would not do a blood test even.. my urine sample was positive.. i have raised neutophils and white cells in my blood (Imade a senior doctor do one) they gave me ciprofloacillin. although i think the bug i normally get is coliform of the gulf war coast?1!! the antibiotic i tried for the other bug made me in so much pain yesterday i had to stop it. i kept showing them this wierd skin rash and they questioned i have scabiesbut still sent me home. i pointed out to them i had been brought in my two lots of ambulance drivers. because of collapsing and if i lived alone would they still send me home. they said yes!
problem is with whats going on i do live alone my dad does not want to know nor does my mum. they are both getting my symptons coughs upset tummys sore throats but not on the same level evryone is moody and detached. the shrink did not come to see me in aand e cause i saw him before and he can offer me councelling he saw me before and never wants to section me cause he sympathises with whats happening to me. this put the medics nose right out of jointcause they were sure im just nuts. anyway im at home my dad says he wants nothing to do with me anymore.hes been convinced by my gp its in my mind despite how ill i sorry to rant. i am worried about my mental state but antidepressants etc i had made no differande to me or my symptons. and these scaraatches what the hell am i meant to treat this skin condition with im itching like crazy. i tried salt- no. im going to get a lotion for mites. i did get a problem like this last year and used it. any suggestions.. my parents still are not helping me. just recently cause of my cough my doctor is suggesting i have chronic obstructive airways disease at 30 years of age. lot of bubles in my left hand side of my chest. i feel like im rotting asweel as nuts i just want to die. im 31 in two days i said to my dad before my birthday i want an appointment with the lyme doctor and an igenex test.
i know my own gp will not take blood as he thinks if i have lyme hes going to have to debatewith me about treating it. does anyone with lyme in uk know the drugs used to treat babiosa as the american brands are different. will cipro make any differance?? i just know il top myself cause of all sorry to write this tis is absolte hell for me..


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