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Just found out from a blood test last week that my blood is 'loaded' w. Bartonella. Now on Zithromax and Rifampin. Scared but relieved to know what I'm targeting now. I just started Zithromax last week. Noticed one day of extremely bad leg pain, worse than usual, but other than that just some stomach aches. Not sure what to expect, and when to expect it (should the worst be week 4?) I'm worried that oral antibiotics are just going to ruin my insides and im wondering if i should be on IV.
Going to the support group tomorrow, I'm excited to meet people who understand.

Hi 11
I am sorry to hear your results The leg pain is most likely from the zithromax and Rifampin combo . I started on Zithromax IV and mepron in nov then the levaquin was added and my legs are killing me and my knee is swelling and I am not getting around so well these days My doctor had warned me about this because it targets your nerve endings to eliminate the bartenella and babesis with mine
Mine feels as bad as I was last year which can be scary The ear pain has returned too .I keep telling myself what I did before when I was on the IV rocephin that this in the end will make me feel better It is most likely a herxing
For your stomach issue make sure to take your meds around meal time They really get to your stomach alot and if I try to take mine without food it bombs mine out bad
I don't know if I will make it to the meeting tonight I have not been feeling good but will try
Good luck with the meeting I went to a couple up in me before and it was really helpful
Take care and keep us posted
Oops I forgot to let you know it is really a good idea to take a gooo probiotic while you are on treatment to ensure that you replace the good flora in your intestines while on treatment Make sure they are the refridgerated ones You can get them online or through your local health food store

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