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[QUOTE=eleven11;3418493]thank you all for the help with doctors. i will be checking around and i will definitely be going to the support group in durham.
i see a doctor in vermont who is lyme literate. he is all ive got right now. my head has been very cloudy and it is so difficult to concentrate and remember things. i will start walking to do something and then forget what it was i was doing. all the time. it has gotten noticeably worse. i started abx last week so i hope that it is them working. recently as a lay down to go to sleep my arms will start tingling and feel numb. my hands and legs from the knee down give me the most pain at night. i am also setting up for an MRI and EKG soon because i am worried about my brain and heart. my mother, who also has lyme at a more advanced stage, has lesions in her brain and apparently that is not uncommon.
anyway. thank you all and i wish you luck[/QUOTE]
Hi 11
I also have the nerve pain from mostly my knees down The doctor in nyc I go said this is most likely from my co-infections babesis and bartenella He has now added Zithromax and levaquin to my mepron that I am also taking to try to get the antibiotics to the nerve endings which sometimes alot of them alone do not reach this area. The Rocephin took care of the brain and most of the cognitive stuff but stopped being effective after 12 months of IV He did say it is bound to probably make me feel worse again before I get better I feel at times I am a walking drugstore when before all of this all I ever did was take an occaional advil
The Iv rocephin remarkable improved my brain fog I am still a little forgetful but I am walking without a gait and my heel which was intolerable to walk on is just doing so well . The process can seem so long but you will make progress if you are determined to . My pharmacist said a couple months ago he was so pleasantly surprized to have seen how far I had come over the last year from when I had my stroke last year . He said to me he wondered a year ago how I even made it to pick up my medicine .
He was my saving grace since he told me about igenex after my other lyme test came back negative so I reallly owe my progress to him and thank you and others for your undeniable support and listening me to air my stress and problems thanks ticker and kpt12 too.

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