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Re: Sc Llmd
Jan 29, 2008
Sorry I did not reply earlier.

I forgot to mention that I had already had a previous neurologist run the Igenex test and I went to him with the results. I was not cdc positive nor was I Igenex positive. I told him my history and all the Dr's I had been to and I had a Picc line in 2 weeks later. I did IV Rocephin and Zith for three months. Line was pulled because it backed it self out. Then pulsed orals Mepron, Omnicef and Flagyl for 3 more months. Still was not getting 100%.

Made the decision to go to NY to see Dr. R and he found I had two co-infections. Babaesia and Bartonella. I have my line back in now treating for Babesia now as well as doing Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments. I am on Zithromax, Mepron and Art. I have currently stopped the Mepron due to high liver enzymes.

My thoughts are Dr. P. is still learning. They are now doing a lot of testing through Igenex. Did you tell him you thought it was Lyme? Did you ask him to test your wife through Igenex? He is pretty open minded and thinks outside the box.

I am sorry you had a bad experience with him. How long ago did you see him?

Again sorry for the delay in the response. It is really great that you are supporting your wife. That is really important. What are her symptoms?


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