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Hey Rodney,

I am so sorry I have not called you. Have been really sick since this new protocal. I woke up this morning and was literally walking sideways. Ugh!!!!

I hate that feeling. It was so bad I just pretty much laid in the bed all day.
This is always the symptoms that I get when I am treating the Bartonella. I thought before it was just the Levaquin but I think it is just a bart herx.

I got your message. The apppt went fine. There were some concerns from our Dr. why to treat Bartonella with Rifampin as well as Zithromax. But besides that it was fine. I did however get my CD 7 test results and i scored a whopping 15. It was the first time we ran this test. I was surprised it was this low since i have been on treatment for over a year! There are a lot of different feelings of what this test really means. I do know however that it definately only has to do with Lyme. It detects the Natural Killer Cells and only Lyme effects them. If you ****** it some really good articles. I am sure you may already know. You are very smart!!!!!!

Are you expreiencing major migraines right now? I had massive headaches when I first got sick and I felt like IV treatment helped with that!

I am also getting ready to start Nutritional IV's 1 x per week. This is coming from Dr. R. He is so wonderful. My husband and I are going to New York at the end of March for my second appointment! I am really excited to see the city. We are staying 4 days this time! Yeah!!!

I hope you are feeling better. I am surprised you are not at work. That was another reason I have not called. I know weekends are busy for you!

Talk to you soon!


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