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Tony.. Its great to hear from you.. I was getting a little worried.. Hopefully after all you went through, things with start getting better for you especially with all the supplements you have to take.. I know what you mean about the twitching, I hate it.. I was off all antibiotics for about 3 weeks and felt myself starting to take a turn for the worse.. Dr. R currently has me on IV Levaquin, I do it every other day.. I go back to see him on Feb 21st.. Iam still testing positive for bartonella.. I hope FRY takes another look at your slide.. Let me know if they find anything out.. I had to have my PICC repaired twice already because of leaks in the catherter.. luckily they were on the outside of my arm.. Its always something.. Thanks again for writing back... I hope you start feeling really good again.. Keep in touch..


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