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Hi all.

Just want to say thanks in advance to anyone who reads this.

I have a few questions. I have been suffering from chronic migraines for months. Have been going to a neurologist and he had me on preventative meds. Was doing better on the meds as far as the headaches go but was starting to feel worse overall. Well after being on the meds for quiet a few months, I called him to ask him if it was possible that i would develop side effects from the meds now after so many months. He said no, that something else must be going on. Now, i have been asking my primary dr and my neuro to run a lyme disease test for a while ever since someone in my family was just diagnosed and her main symptom was headaches but they all REFUSE to do it saying i would have a fever- which i dont. Is the test just that expensive or something and that is why they are giving me a hard time? I cannot figure it out. These are some of my symptoms though:

sweats or chills
cold when no one else is but do not have a fever
extreme tiredness no matter how long i sleep. sometimes i think if i blink too long ill fall asleep
hair is starting to fall out
had chest pain a month ago - dr blew off said it was stress
heart palpiatations that go on and off. sometimes i get flutters or i feel like it skips a beat. dr blew it off saying its prob stress
had a long lasting cough that my primary dr sent me for a ct scan for which came back normal that she could not explain. it comes and goes
my back, neck, legs, arms, pretty much whole body is achy
constantly feel like someone is jabbing me with a needle in my face, ears, head mostly but happens all over- and its non stop
feet are constantly falling asleep
vision is blurry at times
ringing in my ears
cant concentrate no matter how hard i try and its really affeting my job. cant think, having problems reading and remembering what i read or having problems paying attention to anything in general which is really just not me what so ever
memory is shot
cant think of the right words to say a lot

so even with all of these symptoms, doenst this at least warrant a test?? i dont understand why they wont at least just give in and give me the test. something is clearly wrong. :confused:

thanks again!!

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