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[QUOTE=fernee;3448260]If you are not satisfied with anything look for someone else

If it were not for my local pharmacist telling me the elisa test they gave me that came back
+wasn't worth a crap and send my tests to Igenex I would be in worse shape today so keep at it and stay strong
Lots of luck

I know what you mean about being in the worse shape. Never again will I just take someones word for it. If I do not like the answer I will move on to the next doc until I get an answer I am comfortable with. That is what got me to the point where I was. This board got me to the point where I am now and I am very grateful.

People do not really take lyme seriously. I have been telling my brother who now lives in Florida to get tested. He woke up a couple of weeks ago when numbness in his legs. Now it is in some of his toes. He aches a lot and feels like crap. Thinks it is from working hard. Now I love my brother to death but he is only 26 and LAZY. Never worked hard enough to have these pains. The weird thing is a couple of years ago he had his shirt off and has these terrible stretch marks all over the lower part of his back. He has never gained enough weight to have them. He is like 6 foot and the heaviest he has ever been is 180 but no fat. I looked it up and it looks like the bartonella rash. Exactly!! I told him and he knows how bad I got but I do not think he got tested yet. He was suppose to go to a neuro yesterday but have not heard from him yet.

I am feeling pretty good right now with the treatment Dr. S is giving me. We will see how Monday plays out. I am sure i must have babesiosis. The doctor mentioned I may but we were more sure of the bartonella. I feel better from those issues but the aches, fevers and now night sweats. Plus I am sooo tired which I have never been nor has it affected me before but now I will just stop what I am doing and rest.[/QUOTE]
I know what you mean about your brother not listening I have a sister that is experiencing back pain knee and joint pain vertigo loud background noises forgetfullness a litle depression and other signs of lyme About 4 years ago they thought she had a spider bite
I am not sure since I did not have any contact with her at that time what exactly the rash looked like but she certainly is showing alot of the signs and after seeing me just a week into my stroke will not hear it
I guess people hear what they want to sometimes even though we surely don't want them to be able to join our elite group for sure
I think I may have pnemonia again The nurse is coming by today and I will let her take a listen to my left lung it has been hurting alot again like back in october after my surgery but I get so tired of doctors so I will wait until this morning when she comes With all the crap I am on how in the world could you manage to get it again I also took a fall on the ice last week so I don't know if I just pulled something but the pain is getting worse every day
Yuk I don't want any more of anything along with the lyme
Take care and keep us posted

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