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[QUOTE=fernee;3443059]Yes I am doing the 2 grams of rocephin. I will call and ask the pharmacist. My tongue even feels very strange to the touch and brushing it makes it feel raw but I have to or else feel real nasty.

As stupid as it sounds I make it a point to kind of drop the flagyl in my throat and then swallow because I do not let it touch my tongue because of the taste of it. Been lucky so far.[/QUOTE]
Hi Fernee
I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well . The herxing that ticker mentioned starts around 3-4 weeks The flagyl will probably start helping the tongue feeling How often do you take it?
I aslo did the rocephin and it improved my lyme. I still am battling the co-infections babesis and bartenella I take the flaygyl every 72 hours . Mepron , zithromax and levaquin
Make sure to take a very good probiotic with your treatment. They are available online or through your local health food store This is very important
As far as feeling unattractive with the picc when being intimate is not unusual . I sometimes feel the same way but what is a person to do and I am sure your husband understands so don't worry it is there to get you so you can be your best later
Take care and keep us posted we all understand what you are going through and have been there .

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