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[QUOTE=ddanny52;3446004]Hello again, I am still on the Diflucan, but still have intermittent dizziness, headaches, and fatigue, also, poor concentration. I contracted a bad cold - thought it was the flu -but wasn't. It triggered my lyme symptoms.

The only med I take from Dr. Fab in Pa is Diflucan. He says it covers all the coinfections, but why do other people take this with other abxs. He says it is not needed. I read so many of your testimony's and wonder - will we get better? What does it take to feel normal again. To have enough energy to be a good wife and mother. I look at my two children and cry some days - some days I don't.

I just feel confused this week and down. Usually, I try to be positive that there is an end to this. I am being treated for this disease with a negative western blot - and when I really feel bad - I wonder is it really lyme.

Also, I am so confused why so many people take so many different combos of abxs. WHat is the best cocktail. I feel like I need encourgament to know I am on the right med or the right path.

Encouragement and knowledge needed please.[/QUOTE]

I want to say that unless you've posted about this before, I think somebody else here has said previously that they were not on any meds, except for Diflucan.. although I don't think they mentioned their LLMD using it as treatment for co-infections. I'll be curious to look up that treatment. I'm on Diflucan, but only for some other problems relating to my abx. :o

Just from my own experience and from what I've read on the web, people react differently to different "cocktails". Our bodies are all different, with varying symptoms, etc.. Whenever I get put on new meds, I look the combo up on the web and see who else has been on them, and how they reacted to that treatment. It really varies from one person to the next. It would be so much easier if everybody was made the exact same, and when we got the same illness, all benefitted from the same treatment.

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