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Ok I am not in the US yet I got my Lyme test result back from the National Infectious Disease Center and only tested positive for the 41 band on the Western Blot test.

I read that 41 Band is indeed means one is positive for Lyme, yet the Research center doctor said that 80 percent of the people tested for Lyme has the 41 band, regardless of whether one has Lyme or not.

Is there anyone here that is being treated for Lyme that only tested positive for the 41 Band?

If so please let me know your symptoms, treatment and some related info...

I am seriously desperate for information whilst in pain!

Thank you!
Hi Nexis. Band 41 is often the first band to show in an infection.

No test for Lyme is completely reliable, and results can vary by lab. A Lyme knowledgeable doctor knows this. I thought you were going to get tested at IgeneX? They use more sensitive testing and list more bands on the Western Blot.
Thanks again ticker!

I just spoke with the Infectious Disease center specialist today.

I got the contact info for Igenex and will call them tomorrow.

What do you think of the general premise that a sole 41 band is found in 80 percent of testing cases yet not conducive for a Lyme diagnosis?

The Infectious Disease doctor told me its a bacteria that thrives in the human stomach blah blah blah!
Hi Nexis,
I was very disappointed when the only band that tested positive on my western blot was 41 IgM. I thought this meant I couldn't have lyme because I read something to the effect that it would only show up positive on a newly infected person or was an indicator of a past old infection of something else.

But my LLMD said I should not have had that reaction and also said something to the effect that in chronic lyme the IgM is what shows up. So, yes, he diagnosed me with lyme even thought I had zero positive bands EXCEPT the 41. Testing is so unreliable, from what I can see.

Thank you for responding to my post.

May I ask if your blood was tested with Igenex?

I am living abroad and I just requested a testing kit with Igenex, since the testing in this country did NOT test for co-infections and the Bandwith was only up to 49.

Also if I may humbly ask what treatment are you currently receiving? Symptoms?

I am curious since there is NO LLDM in this country! If I have to I need to tell the doctor about treatment option or go to a modest international clinic which doesn't accept any insurance and request to be treated without the doctors treatment knowledge.

Thank you.

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