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Examples of Herxing
Feb 20, 2008
I have been on a PICC line since the beginning of October 2007. My pain has substantially decreased and I'm actually able to walk at a normal pace. I thought I would give some examples of my herx's just in case anyone is wondering what could happen during a herx. My herx's consistently happen every 3 weeks so it's nice to be able to plan around them :)

First week of PICC line: Felt like I had the full blown flu

Other herx's:

Knee joints and elbows swelling up, turning red and being extremely hot. I had to keep ice packs on them.

Severe vision changes: double vision and complete range of seeing everything moving up and down very quickly (like someone was shaking me). Couldn't walk or drive at that time.

Short term memory loss: asking the same question over and over again. Not remembering what I had done (had to start writing things down or I would forget that I did them)

Speech problems: saying words in a sentence in the wrong order.

Those were the worst ones. The other ones were just flu like symptoms, sore joints, etc etc... I'm sure I've had other problems but I can't remember them right now.

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