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Picc line and clots
Feb 22, 2008
Ok I have a question, last night after my treatment my line had blood in it. This has happened before and usually no problem. However, the IV bag was stuck. Could not get it out of my line. In the process some blood went past the little connection area and into the other line. This started freaking me out. My daughter was trying her best to help get it out but not having much luck.

In the process she unscrewed the cap area. I immediately noticed what she had done, covered it with my finger and screwed it right back on. Nothing came out so I think no air went in. Finally, very carefully, she had to get plyers to pull the line out of the screw in area. Of course some blood came out. Luckily she was wearing gloves, she is a diabetic and very knowledgable teenager. I immediately flushed with the saline and then heparin but later on my arm was a little numb.

I am not sure if this was all in my head or not but then I was afraid to fall asleep because I started worrying about clots.

Does anyone know how quickly a clot could form in this case? What are the symptoms of a clot?

I had called the health nurse and the one on call asked if the area that was unscrewed had touched the floor, I said no. She said everything should be alright. My daughter and I put a piece of tape around it so we will not get confused again but when blood was in there it all looked a like.

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