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[QUOTE=kyle1;3471821]Hello Everyone,

I have been recently on Cephalexin for an infection in my foot. I was wondering if from just being on that antibiotic could this spark a little herx or not because it seems like my neurological problems have gotten so much worse from being on them. I have finally got my family practice doctor to agree to start me on IV antibotics for chronic lymes disease. I have been dealing with problems for 4 years now and it has gotten so bad I can hardly function anymore with everyday life. I was a law enforcement student before everything all went bad for me and now i can hardley keep my attention span going to read a book for class. My memory is gone my vision is bad I can hardly see strait, severe neck and back pain, joint pain, constant pain in my throat and lymph nodes from the infection, constant left eye spasm all day, and the list goes on and on.

Has anyone with severe neurological problems from lymes ever gotten exceptionaly well from being on IV rocephin. Because right now my vision is scary bad right now and I want to know if there is hope that it will get better from the treatment. I want to pursu my law enforcement degree in the worst way you can't even imagine. My main complaint is blurryness, hard as hell to read, loss of focus when reading. Any response would be greatly appreciative.[/QUOTE]
Hi Kyle1
With first hand experience through having neurological lyme and suffering a stroke 16 months ago I know the rocephin worked for me
I had the throat pain and swollen lymph nodes for months along with thrush in my throat for 8 months boy did that drive me crazy thought I would never get rid of it
I could not even put my hands together or walk straight with my eyes closed . I would have definately fail any field test for DWI . I used to keep the doctors notes with me when driving so for any reason if I got pulled over I would have an explaination for the way I acted or looked without having to go through any other situation that would arise out of my state of affairs at the time . Most likely shouldn't have been really driving but had no choice sometimes . Cognitive funtioning was in the gutter but now much improved but still a long haul with all of this .
Things do not change overnight
I am still on IV Zithromax for the babesis and mepron and oral cipro . I also have bartonella Still improving but not quite there yet .
I had very severe herxing but well worth the effort and stuck it out . creepy crawlees twithching and jerking every 3-4 weeks but all of that is gone now . Thank goodness At that point of my lyme this post would have looked like a little kid had written it . I had shaking in my hands light and sound sensivtivity really bad . I could not sneeze without almost falling over. Really bad brain fog . I would spend sometimes hours shuffling the paperwork for bills around just to be able to focus on paying my bills was a real effort
My right leg would be just dragging behind me and my left arm felt really limp and my sister told me she was freaked when she came up from CT to visit not knowing what had just happened .
I now can focus to pay most of the household stuff Really still fatigued and sleep issues big time since it is 3 am and guess who is awake .
Definately go for whatever works for you

My pharmacist told me just a few months ago how amazed he was on how far I had come and was really afraid for me prior to that and didn't want to say anything
Supplements and probiotics are very important as well for your immune system to keep up with this stuff
Take care and keep us posted

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