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Hi Doug,

I have looked for your posts...and wondered how you've been. I did see your earlier post about your appt. with Dr. R; I'm so glad you are pursuing that. Please post to let me (us) know how it goes, okay? Yes, at least I finally know what I'm battling. My IGeneX results, according to my LLMD, were pretty clear that this is my problem and my symptoms totally fit everything I've read. I've also compared my results to writings of more experienced docs, sounds like I'm a fairly slam dunk as far as the lab work goes anyway - clearly Lyme and clearly 3 co-infections. I have read and heard much about Dr. R - it's fortunate for you that you're near enough to see him. I sure hope he can guide you in the right direction. I think of you often and pray you will find answers and effective treatment soon. If I don't see results I am hoping for, yes - I will very much push to get more expertise and ideas with all of this - it's my intention to fight this crap and get well. I know it will be a long road (I'm working on my patience), but remain hopeful now that I won't be this bad off forever...take good care Doug. I hope you're not feeling too badly. Please post when you can....I'll be looking for you after 4/2! :) Mona
I've read some of your lyme posts...sorry you're still feeling crappy, but you know that if it's Herxing--that's a good thing...there is light at the end of the tunnel--you are definitely strong enough to beat this beast into the ground. I'm amazed at the amount of symptoms this can be responsible for, and for the lack of understanding in the medical community...especially on the West Coast---as long as people and products travel cross country, so can ticks...It sounds as if you are in good hands, but also that you are determined to find answers even if it means a different Dr, or not taking their opinion if it doesn't match all the research you're doing---and as you know there is a ton of info, and people on the web to assist you--you became an expert in C-Spine issues from all your research--you are determined to see this through, and that is the perfect attitude to have...It seems as though it will be a long haul, but one you are more than equipped to handle----think of the positive, of how you'll feel when this bug is eradicated, and you feel normal again---start planning a nice vacation for you and your family...(Yosemite in '09 ??).......I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers (I'll try to post more often----I haven't forgotten my friends and all the support you've given me)...Stay STRONG !! I'll talk to you soon.

PS--Maybe explain to your kids, that just a little more patience, and things will get back to normal for everyone.......might give you a little more slack (hopefully)
Hi Sarah,

My Dad (who is currently being tested for Lyme - we feel certain he was infected at the same time) and I were hiking in the Western Cascades, outside of North Bend - this is where we believe anyway - VERY heavily wooded/brushy. I read somewhere, highest risk of infection in WA State is the westward side of the Cascades - though don't know how accurate that is. I don't remember a tick bite or a classic bullseye rash, though did have some various rashes back then (Summer 2004), but gave it no thought. Keep in mind....I have a friend here in Bellingham who has Lyme, he KNOWS when/where he was infected as he did get a bullseye - that was right here in Bellingham out in a heavily wooded area behind his house. I'm sure you're aware, BC is having a huge increase in Lyme. I don't think the ticks know borders - I think it is much more prevalent here than people realize or than is being reported.

I hope you can encourage your mom to get to an LLMD - any family around that could aid and accompany her? I had an IGeneX lab kit sent to my dad and am insisting he be tested. He does agree and due to his symptoms, he does believe he has it too. He's had very obvious Bartonella-type rashes and bullseye off and on as well....not to mention the undiagnosed neuro symptoms that basically started when mine did. Lyme is here...I too agree...pretty conicidental with your husband and with you - having an embedded tick here etc. I just wish the medical community would wake up to this horrible's a very frustrating and humbling ride.

I am currently on 500mg of Azithromycin daily...will start some sort of anti-viral in a couple of weeks (don't remember name) and then about 1 month later we start hitting it with Flagyl...I hope I see results. I may have mentioned, I tested + for 3 co-infections as well....I fully expect this to be a long road. Hope your mom can find a doc. How are you feeling? Do you have coinfections? What is your current therapy? Take Care. Mona

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