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Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear your mom is struggling. I know...the doctors totally dismissed Lyme with me too. I started to doubt myself. At one point I just gave up seeing any docs and trying to get help, just hoped it would go away (it didn't!).

Anyway, I am seeing Dr. Laurie Marti M.D. in Bellevue, WA. She tested me for everything under the sun. Some red flags popped up for Lyme so she then did the IGeneX testing at that point. She believed my symptoms and believed I was sick, more than any other doctor I had seen. Also, I have heard Dr. Amy Derksen N.D. in Bellevue, WA is also good. If I don't respond as hoped with my abx therapy I just started, I may consult with her too just to see if she has any other strategies for me. I hope your mom can find some relief and some answers. Please let me know how it goes. Mona
Kim, I am sorry that you feel like you have taken a step back. I know how aweful that feels!! wow, that sounds like an aweful lot of meds! He is adding the Zithro to all that? Why does he think that you have Babs? I felt real bad when I first started taking the Malarone, but now I am starting to feel better. I have only been off the zithro & Flagyl for a week. So we will see what happens. I was able to stop taking the armour thyroid and the DHEA, both those levels are normal now. Thank goodness, but my adrenal levels got worse, just slightly though. And I came up pos. for Celiac Disease, which I had always been negative for. UGH, this stupid Lyme!! Do you still have a sore throat, or has that gone away? Have you had any pituitary testing done? My doc is doing some testing on me since pit. problems can cause adrenal and thyroid problems. I am also having vision problems, things get real blurry, nothing is ever clear, but I will have times when I can hardly read signs or read words on the TV, then other times they are blurry, but not as bad. I have been having headaches alot too. Who knows, it's just one test after another! I hope that you start feeling better again soon. Let me know what your doc says. Sincerely Sarah

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