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Mona, hope that you are doing well!! to answer your ?'s about my treament. I started out on 500mg Biaxin 2 a day, 100mg minocycline 2 a day and 200mg of plaquenil 2 a day. I stopped for about 4 months and took Wobenzym N for a few months, then last Sept I started taking Biaxin 500mg 2 a day, flagyl 250mg 2 a day, My LLMD just had me stop everything except Malarone, which we are using to treat Babesia, he said to do this for 4 months. I also take alot of supplements and probiotics. My son was started on the same combo as me, and he has done wonderful, but he doesn't have Babesia (thank goodness) he stopped taking all ABX's in Dec. and was at about 85%, all, he complains of is the neck pain, and fatigue (but not like it was a year ago). He started back on ABX's 2 weeks ago because he was having knee pain again. Now he is on Biaxin and Flagyl. This is for Doug also--Everyone is different and will respond to ABx's differently and what works for one may not work at all for another, so it is like a trial and error thing. We found the right mix for my son immediately, but not for me or my husband, but again I am sure that is because of the Babesia. And with my husband I am almost pos. he has Bartonella, we are waiting for the IGeneX kit to arrive to test next week. If you do not treat the co-infections you will not get well.
Doug, thank you for the kind words and I hope that your appt, goes well, research everything that you can about Lyme and be familiar with the treatment plans and ABX's. My LLMD told me a few days ago that he sincerely appreciated the fact that he can intellegently talk to me about Lyme, and that I know the protocals and am familiar with what each med. is ( macrolide, tetracyclines, anti-protozoans, anti-malarials) and what they treat. We discuss options together, and I know what he is prescribing, and I also know when another doctor (not an LLMD) may be prescribing something that could be harmful to me--such as steriods, which seem to be the answer to everything to other doctors, but are very bad for Lyme patients. The more that you know the better off you are, and you will get alot more out of your visits if you know ahead of time what they are talking about and what to expect. Good luck and let us know how everything went. Sincerely, Sarah

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