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I gave both my children (4 and 5) lyme disease through pregnancy. I know testing is expensive but if you think you had lyme when pregnant, I would test your toddler. It is hard to deal with being sick yourself, and if your toddler does have lyme, that is not easy to deal with either, but atleast you know what may be causing some of the symptoms your toddler is dealing with.

Here are some common symptoms infants infected congenitally or from breast milk have
floppiness with poor muscle tone
frequent fevers and illness early in life
joint sensitivities and body pain
skin sensitivity
gastro-esopheal reflux
development delays

Pre-school and toddlers also experience
trouble falling asleep, frequent awakenings
nightmares, new phobiasm recurrence of seperation anxiety
diaper rash unresponsive to normal treatment
frequent UTI's, ear and throat infections, bronchitis, pneumonia

My kids, while not ill to the extreme they were bed ridden, they were plagued most of there young lives with chronic infections and some of the symptoms above. As a mother (before my diagnosis), I felt something was not quite right with them but I could quite place my finger on what "that" was. We seemed always at the doctors one with a sinus infection the other an ear. I never thought they were extremely ill so I thought these occurences were normal childhood occurences, even though that didn't ring true in my heart. Then I got really sick and start looking what was wrong with me, finally got diagnosised with lyme and instantly knew I need to test my kids. They are both being treated and I am happy to say we are seeing some good improvement. Instead of being in the doctors office every couple of weeks with some complaint they are happy and only go to the doctor for a prescription renewal. I on the other hand of a larger battle on my hands as I have had this disease for atleast a decade if not longer, I am glad I tested my kids, they have lyme but still can function. They go to school, play with there friends, enjoy being a kid. I know what happens when the disease is left untreated to long, I wouldn't want my kids to ever deal with what I deal with.


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