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Ok Thanks..for the herxd explanation..I just came from my doctor...I told him about the tick and asked if all the symptoms I was having over the past few months could be lyme disease and he said "How big was the tick"? And I said big enough to feel on the side of my head. Then he acted like I never said anything. He gave me a prescription for an antidepressant and told me to find a psychiatrist. Then the nurse came in with an order for an MRI of the brain..diagnosis MS/panic disorder. And she said is he going to test you for lyme disease and I said no.... I had told her about the tick bite when she was taking my vitals and she said I have a friend who has that. Then when I said no she was like well maybe doctor doesn't think that's what it is..So I guess the idea is to keep me drugged up enough I won't care if anything hurts or I can't breathe..etc
Hey there kmesoo1, Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Your story sounds alot like mine. I was diagnosed with panic disorder first, my panic attacks came out of nowhere too. My body temp. is always low and I share alot of your symptoms(as most of us do), I also dealt with drs. not being able to find out what was wrong with me(and yes, telling me it's just depression or it's in my head,etc.) It wasn't until my neighbor was at our home talking about a coworker that was having all of these problems and couldn't work,etc. and finally found out it was lyme. In fact my wife looked at me after my neighbor told us about her coworkers symptoms and said,"gee...sound familiar??!" So I went online and checked out lyme symptoms and what an epiphany. I went to the doc I had recently been to a few times and mentioned lyme and I could kind of see the lightbulb go on for her and so she had me take an IgenX test and indeed it was lyme. Even tho I was a little upset that she couldn't diagnose it sooner, the one thing she did do that others hadn't was to test the heck out of me, blood, saliva,cystiene ratios, stool, urine you name it and the tests were all "off" in different ways. I would try to find a doc who's willing to do some testing(especially the IgenX) and get a good picture of your overall system. You may find that you're vitamin deficient,etc. Anyway, sorry for the long post. I know you'll get better, keep praying and try to keep a good attitude(I know, it's hard) and I wish you well in your doctor search. Cheers, M.

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