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Monarog..I haven't made an appointment with the LLMD yet..I am getting really tired and broke going to all these regular doctor wants me to see a rheumatologist also. My sister has Lupus and my brother has Crohn's and they are both younger than me. I am so tired all the time I don't want to get out of bed. I told my doctor yesterday that I am having some serious issues with shortness of breath..he asked me if I noticed any wheezing and I said no..but with the ringing in my ears so loud I can't hear too good. The ringing keeps me awake and if I do fall asleep it wakes me up. I just hope this z-pack helps relieve some of my symptoms. Thank you for your information I'm sure it will come up when I see the Neurologist. It's scary not knowing what my MRI report said and if I need to see the Neurologist sooner. It was kind of weird that the nurse kept asking me if I had any headaches and I kept saying no and then the doctor asked me the same thing 3 more times..are you sure you don't have any headaches? I said it just feels like alot of pressure in and around the right side of my eye, face, ear.

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