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I have been on the orals meds since April of 07 so almost a year. I am now taking mepron, zithro and flagyl plus on IV rocephin daily. My stomach now hurts a lot. Constantly makes noises that make me try and cover it with something ( I squish a pillow over it at night because I get tired of hearing it). I have started with diarrhee about a week ago. Sorry but hey, I have to be honest. Does this sound like it is from the meds? Is there anything else I should be doing? Taking the probiotics 3 times a day now.

I'm just begun getting exactly the same sort of issues! My pain is usually just mild, but the constant loud gurgling is maddening, and I feel as if I've eaten a horse from even moderately sized meals. I assumed it had something to do with large scale die off somehow causing secondary GI symptoms.

Does your stool look different as well? Mine appears to be darker than normal now. Also, does your pain seem to shift all around in the abdomen or stay isolated in one spot? My gastrointerologist knows nothing about LD and wants to run a lot of tests, but I feel our problems easily with some oral homeopathic treatment if only we knew what to do.

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