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Hi Brimmy,

Thanks loads for your knowledgeable input, really appreciated. I am already on mega doses of iron as I'm extremely anemic, most like due to the babesia infection, so I'm told. I am not taking any potassium, vit C or eating extra protein. I will look into all of this. My counter of Rx and supplements is beginning to look more like my parents, who are almost 80 (I'm 46), ugh!

The weird thing for me...I don't understand a whole lot about pulse rate, BP etc. Is my actual pulse rate is low, like in the 40's (has always been pretty low...maybe due to my running?) But, my blood pressure became suddenly elevated when my neuro Lyme symptoms hit and now, as mentioned, my BP monitor almost ALWAYS indicates "irregular heartbeat." It beeps and hollers at me after I take it flashing the "irregular heartbeat" signal at me. Even though my pulse is low, my heartbeat does feel racy, strong, weird...just not right. I hate to overreact, but am going to get input from a cardiologist next week, just to be on the safe side I guess.

I really appreciate your ideas; it's a great help to me and thanks for taking the time to provide it. Hope you're feeling well. Mona

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