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I think it is Lyme
Mar 29, 2008
Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I was bitten by a tick and got a rash 20 years ago. At the time did not know anything about Lyme. Got very sick with what I thought was the flu after that. Over the years developed pain in arms, twitching and so on. Then about 10 years ago got very sick with symptoms I will list below. Never found out what was wrong. Sick for a year but slowly got better. Now I am sick again. Almost unable to work. The most disturbing symptoms are cognitive and personality changes. Angry for no reason, confused, irritable, tired and weak all the time. The thing that scares me the most is the loss of strength in my arms and legs. My legs feel like rubber and I have a hard time walking. My family Dr. is sending me to an infectious disease Dr. I am currently on augmentin. I was on Biaxin but it made me very sick. Want opinions as to what all of you think. I am worried it is MS or something like that. I am very physically fit and healthy otherwise. Workout ever day, eat right. Maintain an ideal weight. I would also like to know if anyone else has any of the strange symptoms I have. One very strange things is I can hear a sizzling in the back of my neck, base of skull that sounds like a can of pop when you open it. This is so scarry to me. It is not creaks and cracks although I have that also. This is like a sizzling sound made from my spinal fluid passing from my spinal column to my brain.

Symptoms are:

Very weak
Soars on ear lobes. Soars that just appear. In the same place on both ears. Looks like a line of skin just pealed off. I can feel it happen. Then there is a soar that bleeds and hurts for days.
Rash in different places. Big red oval rash, rash that looks like poison ivy.
Extreme fatigue and exhaustion. Different than just being tired
Brain fog
Panic, feel like crying
Tightness in neck and face
Extreme leg and arm weakness
Numbness and tingling in legs and arms, hands and feet. Legs feel rubbery, stiff
Change in my gait. How I walk. My legs feel like the muscles are wasting or like the nerves are damaged.
Change in taste and smell. Unable to taste food some of the time
Tingling in tongue. Feels like tongue is swollen
When I lay down at night my tongue vibrates, twitches. I feel this when I am still.
Hoarse, feels like throat is swollen or a piece of cotton is stuck in my throat. My voice changes and gets rough.
Taste in mouth and throat. Like cardboard
Neck, back and shoulder pain
Stiff neck
Muscle pain in different locations
Knee, elbow, wrist and ankle pain and swelling
Personality change
Poor concentration
Mood swings
Word finding problems
Top of head pain
Pressure in head
Sizzling and grinding sounds in neck
Eye pain and pressure, spots, red eye and swelling
Blurry vision
Sensitivity to noise and light
Bladder problems, bladder spasms
Poor coordination
Twitching and jerking
Heartburn, acid reflux
Chocking feeling
Lightheadedness, wooziness
Poor balance, dizziness, difficulty walking
Full feeling in head
Tight feeling in head
Stumbling, tripping, clumsy
Wet feelings on skin
Crawling sensations on skin
Hot and cold sensations
Vibrating and shaking all over. Visible to other people
Extreme cramping in legs. Charlie horses
Stomach pain and extreme bloating
Sleep problems

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