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Hi Ticker,

Thanks for the reply. It sounded like they wanted to do all the antibiotics at once. I am being treated based off of symptoms right now. I have been tested numerous times for lymes but it keeps coming up negative. They said there was a possibilty of MS at first but its been 4 years and no one will give me a diognoses for it. So I am going this route just because everything that is going on with me is a spitting image of lymes disease and i mean everything. So I am hoping that once I start being treated maybe it will start to show up and I can prove to my Doctor I have been right for so long. BUt if nothing changes then I guess I will know that it is MS or something else. This whatever it is has been runing my life for 4 long years now and I have had it.

Hi Sassy, I too was told I had MS because of 3 lesions on my brain as well. BUt after going to Neuro's forever and countless MRI's they say it's not MS. So that's why am pursuing lymes disease. When my problems first started I went through absolute misery. I was having unexplained panic attacks, severe dizziness, joint pain, testicular pain, neck pain, back pain. I would be just standing there and I would start heating up and would get severe dizziness. My vision and my mind are the worst problems for me right now. Writing this post will take me way longer to write than it normally should. My eyes expecially at night are so bad I can hardly see to drive. I have had an eye spasm in my left eye constantly now for almost a year. When I ask my eye Doctor about it, all he can say is I don't know what it is or what it's from. So needless to say there is ton of issues, I have been to so many Doctors I can't even count anymore. If my Doctor just would have treated for possiable Lymes 4 years ago I wouldn't be here writing this story.

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