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Hi, The tests i had done was

IgG western blot ,

igM western blot

PCR whole blood and serum

The main symptoms i have been getting is numbness in my arms and legs,which has been getting progressively worse over the last year or so.
It all started about 2 years ago. Recently its really starting to worry me,sometimes i have days when i have trouble to walk..

I have had loads of tests done in the past such has mri's loads of blood tests,but all clear..

My dr thinks its stress:mad:. I know i was lucky that i was able to go to dr owen in cardiff,with out a referal. Because all of them probably would not of give me one...

The other blood test i would really like is the mycoplasma,Because i know that can mimic ms. but i dont think it will be possible,because no dr will refer me.

Is there anywhere in the world that tests this?. that does not need a referal letter..

I know of a couple in the uk which you dont need one, but that is a IgG IgF blood test, ant the other is urine testing,
I heard that the PCR TEST is the most reliable..

Anyone know which type of mycoplasma,normally corses neuro problems.
Or does the blood test just pick up mycoplasma in general?

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