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Hello again
I do not find mine uncomfortable at all anymore
When they first put it in it was a little sore and I just kept putting heat on my arm but after a few days that let up and sometimes I forget it is even there .
The medicine is called Rocephin and is used to treat neurological lyme and other infections
The picc line is not like a needle at all. Usually they give you a machine to pulse the medication into the picc line It takes about a half hour sometimes they have you do it four days on 3 days off is what the Dr started me with then I went to 7 days a week
There is what they refer to as a Herx which is when the toxins from the bateria are dying off and this usually comes after approx 3-4 weeks It is an increase of symptoms and can be hard to tolerate but decreases over time and when you are getting better they do not happen as much
Good luck to you and keep us posted
Now I still have the picc in but do Zithromax and it takes almost 2 hours sometimes which is annoying

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