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[QUOTE=tickbattler;3517517]Hi all,

My husband and I just got back from a wonderful first appointment with our new LLMD (Dr. R in NYC). We have been to three previous LLMD's since Sept 07 and we have finally found one we are happy with.

My husband has tested positive for lyme, bart and babesia over the past year and we have had several different oral treatments which have helped but he still has symptoms (headache, insomnia, brain fog, frequent urination, fatigue). He also had an abnormal spect scan and for that reason our LLMD is recommending IV Rocephin for a minimum of 3 months. He plans to add babesia meds after the first month of the Rocephin.

If you took IV Rocephin, did you have any side effects?
Did you take it for neuro lyme or something else?
What were your symptoms when you started it?
Does Rocephin primiarly just work on lyme or does it work on bart too?
How long did you take it?
Did you see good results from it?

Thanks so much for your input!

Hi Tick battler
Welcome to the boards .
I was on Rocephin for 11 months for my neurological Lyme
I had really good results coming back from a CVA (stroke) from the neurological lyme
My symptoms before the rocephin included
Really bad headaches dizziness getting lost to places I knew ears hurting so bad I could barely stand it could not stand upright and sneeze without falling over cognitive problems brain fog so bad I could barely think
I couldn't get out of bed for days on end and felt like I would die
After 11 months of the rochephin mind you it depends on how far you have been into this disease and how it has effected you but I have come back about 70% of what I was before taking it
I am still battling the co-infections nerve pain stiffness in my legs and extreme fatigue but nothing comparable to what I was like to begin with
I don't know very much about if it helps with the bart but certainly from my point of view will help with the neurological end which I believe the bart involves also
I have been on IV Zithro for almost 5 months for the Babesis infection along with mepron and cipro
All of this is such a long process but a good attitude and the experts efforts will help us overcome this in the end
Good luck with your husbands treatment and he and I are in the same good hands with Dr R
Take care

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