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Does anyone use valerian root to help with sleep problems, and if so how well does it work for you?
For anyone with nausea, what works best for you?

I'm two months into 1500mg of tetracycline a day. It's so hard on me that I have to take days off from it every so often. The nausea at times is unbearable, while other days I can take it with no problem. Today, for instance, I cannot even take my daytime dose because I am so queasy I know once I swallow the Tetra I won't be able to do anything for the rest of the day because I'll be so sick--and no amount of gingerale, tea or saltines will save me! Sometimes I worry that it's building up in my system too much.

Other than that I have to say I'm hopeful and nervous at the same time. Some things are worse now than they were before I was diagnosed. I actually think I am more weak and fatigued under treatment than I was before. And the horrible "under the skin" itch is a lot worse. Maybe it's a side effect of the tetra or maybe it's the battle going on between drug and disease, but I am worn down and barely able to move. I also wake every morning feeling like I didn't sleep a wink, even if I did, so I'm sure I'm not getting quality sleep.

My feet still burn, but I don't get pins and needles in my legs much. My stomach troubles have settled down some. Although I'm queasy quite often, I don't have the bloating and gas as bad. I can barely eat. The thought of food when I feel queasy is nauseating. I try to force myself to eat some healthy food during the day because I think it's probably contributing to the increased fatigue and weakness.

On certain days the brain fog is thick, on others it's tolerable. I have a constant "metallic" taste in my mouth that is gross but I'll live. Very soon my doc will be changing my meds, so that's something to look forward to. I can hear the birds singing outside my window, signaling spring, and I just hope soon I can be out there with them enjoying it. That helps me deal with the fact that at 33 I move far slower and am weaker than my husband's 89 year old grandmother!

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