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Hi Folks, Was wondering if anyone has also had skin rashes with lyme. I am trying to pinpoint a cause. My rash looks like a candidiasis (yeast )skin rash but I also read that the diflucan I'm taking for the overload of yeast can also cause a rash. I have taking diflucan before but not as high as a dose without any side effects. I can't find online how a rash brought on by diflucan would look like. The rash is itchy and made more itchy with sweating and hot bath or showers . I had for over a month now. Thanks for any replies, Leb
:wave: Hi Lebnin
I have had itchy rashes for two years. They come in cycles but are here more than they are not. They drive me nuts. For me, I know it's not all the abx because I had the rash a year before I was diagnosed with LD and put on abx.. You are so right, heat makes it worse. Hot showers set me into an itching frenzy sometimes. Mine are either tiny little red bumps, something resembling poison ivy, hives, or a mosquito bite and it will actually have a dot in the middle like a bite, strange... When I start itching, they multiply! I haven't found any anti-itch cream or powder of any kind that helps and I've tried everything. I scratch so much at times that there will be little soars, so I try so hard not to itch them. I recently started tanning at the salon and that was a BIG mistake. I have bumps all over! I am itching all over at this moment. The sun brings it on as well. I've read that ultraviolet rays kill the surface lyme (?) so maybe that is why I break out almost like a sun poisoning...who knows. I guess not everybody who has lyme gets the itchy rashes but I am one who does...hang in there, hopefully yours will go away. I've also heard of people having them in the beginning then fade away with time. Good luck!

i've also had rashes for months now. it's worse on my upper back and chest. i had it on my scalp really bad after i got bitten and it comes back there when i'm herxing. it's not always visible, but i can always feel it - like tons of small bumps all over. i find myself scratching at it all the time, then i freak out that i'm going to give myself an infection. i also have some kind of skin infection on my butt, and my GP gave me bactoban. i asked Dr. R about it and he said it might be minor cellulitis but that i'm on so many abx that i shouldn't worry about it. i hope it's true. the biggest boil has gone down but it's now flat and super red and itchy. it's been a couple weeks now - i wish it'd just go away. but it looks like i'm one of those people who will have dermatological probs as long as i have lyme. Dr. R mentioned this could be from the bartonella and babesiosis.

good luck with the rashes, and let us know how it goes. i'd love to get rid of mine!

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