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I am new to these boards and am hoping to gain insight on my current situation. Here is the background (I apologize if this post is too long):

In May 2007, I was on a cruise with my husband and wound up with a bullseye rash on my arm. Upon returning home, I had a doctor's appt., so I took my digital camera that had a picture of the rash (arm had already healed). Doctor advised that there was no reason to test for Lyme because I had no physical symptoms.

A few weeks ago, I started to feel sick with flu-like symptoms. My first day out of work was March 17th. I have not yet returned. I was experiencing shaking (mostly at night), diarrhea, major lightheadness, chills, extreme fatigue, weakness, etc. I spent 4 nights in the hospital. The doctor believed that I had a nasty viral infection but ran many tests to rule out other problems. Since being released, I have had some days that are not too bad and others that make me feel I am trapped in a nightmare. Symptoms include: Stiff neck, bone pain (legs), heavy limbs, shaking, weakness, extreme fatigue, trouble falling asleep, motion sickness (when reading or watching tv), weight loss, loss of appetite, blurry vision at times, memory loss (short term), difficulty concentrating, headaches and unexplained menstrual pain.

A couple of days ago, I had a follow up with my doctor. I took some printed information on Lyme Disease with me and discussed it with her. I also brought the picture of my rash from last year. I was sent to the blood lab to be tested to Lyme, Ehrlichia and Q-fever, as well as a few other general tests. I am actually hoping that I test positive for Lyme Disease, as it is treatable, and I will finally have a concrete answer as to what has been affecting me.

After reading several messages on these boards, I am concerned about test accuracy, proper diagnosis and treatment. I have begun the search for an LLMD (Philly and surrounding areas) so that I can plan my next steps once my results are in.

I am growing more frustrated and scared by the day, as I feel I am in a race against the clock to figure out what is making me so sick. The thought of an undetected problem affecting me while no one is able to diagnose me is horrifying. I would greatly appreciate any insight that could be offered, as I know little about this disease and its treatment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I appreciate it!


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