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[QUOTE=jockywilson;3530191]Hi would just like to compare with other people my tinnitus symptoms and
my possible lyme infection, i am going to see a specialist at the end of the month, hopefully he will have some answers.
so basically anyone out there with tinnitus caused by lyme, i would like to here from you. my tinnitus started about 3 yrs ago , very quiet..almost un noticable
about a month after i got bittten, now 3 yrs on it s really loud and varies from day to day , some days are ok ...some just drive me mental.
Hi Jockey wilson
I noticed that you didn't mention what meds you have taken if any yet . I know how painful and annoying the tinnitus problems can be . It made me very irritable at times .
I have also had the buzzing and ringing and pulsating ear issues for over 3 years
After being on IV Rocephin for 11 months and IV zithro for almost 5 months it has almost cleared
I still have the issues if I expose my ears to any wind at all even in the summer
Air conditioner in the car flairs it up but it is much improved from before . I still cannot tolerate loud noisesand somtimes it feels like I have a bug stuck in there if ZI move my head a certain way .
What a stubborn disease this is . In the begining it was very intense with herxing for a solid week at a time . I have had babeosis and bart along with the neurological lyme
Still have the burning in the legs and feet and some of the headaches swelling in my legs and now extreme fatigue
I keep at the treatments but some days are hard to continue
I have had a picc line in for about 17 months now
Still have nights where I can't sleep at all
This lyme stuff is a long haul but I am determined to continue the battle and I am going to win this one
Good luck and be persistant with your treatment . Make sure to take a good refrigerated probiotic while taking the
meds when you start on them
A good LLMD should be able to help you
Good luck and keep us posted
Take care
Rye beach

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