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[QUOTE=fernee;3536180][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ryebeach,

Just when you thought it could not get did! I went to do my treatment last night. Flushed with saline fine, hooked up IV and sat there for a while. Looked up and bag was still full and no drip. Unhooked and bag worked fine. Tried to flush and nothing. Called nurse, they had my hubby pull on my line to make sure it was straight. Had me try and pull the syringe and see if anything would come back out, nothing.

So someone is suppose to come out this morning and check it out. Nurse said there is some type of med you can put in that would unblock it but I am skepical. My doctrors office is also closed today so not sure how long it would take to get a hold of someone.

I have decided though that I want it pulled. When I go to FL I am going to a very small town (2 miles long) and it something like this were to happen I would be screwed. the nearest good hospital is an hour and a half away. Just not in the mood. Rather have to get another later than wear this thing if I do not need it right now.

So I am trying to keep my head up though because the weather is beautiful and I do have things to be thankful for but last night I just got so tired and depressed and went to bed and cried. Man I hate lyme![/FONT][/QUOTE]
\Hi Fernee
I did have my line get plugged one time and the nurse came out and injected something in it to dissolve the clot and it worked . I know how frustrating all of this is but don't stop now .
I know there are days when I would just like to give it all up and say what if I try to go without all this hassle and then my husband will remind me that I have come this far why stop now before I am cured of this finally
I also hate lyme and all that goes with it but am going to be a survivor of this crap
Really tired and down too lately
Hope tommorow brings a better day for you
Take care

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