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Hi Doug!

I'm alive and well (not exactly)! AZ was fabulous, nice to see the sun and have warm weather. Of course, the Grand Canyon was truly spectacular, just awesome. My sister has a house down there, so much of the time was spent relaxing, poolside etc. - exactly what we needed. Now it's back to the craziness of track meets, soccer practices/games, work etc. I am trying to book some other camping/fun trips to have something to look forward to as well. I love the kids' activities, but a respite is always welcomed!

I've thought of you often. Any word on the IGeneX testing yet? Please post when you get the results. How are you feeling? Any change since the abx started? Any change in general? Please keep me posted.

My LLMD did convince me to go through with all the heart testing. I'm having a lot of cardiac symptoms in additional to the usual neuro stuff. I have a nuclear stress test tomorrow AM and then an echocardiogram the following Friday and will then have a Holter monitor to sport around, ugh! I am a bit concerned that these buggers are messing with my heart, sure feels like I guess I better not fool around. I've really not seen much change since starting abx therapy the first of March, which is frustrating. I will begin Amantadine and Flagyl the end of next week after my heart testing. Apprx 5 weeks after that my Zithro changes out to Doxy and we also add Mepron in an effort to work at the co-infections. She did tell me to be patient, but if I'm not seeing more results in the next 4 months or so on orals...then we'd have to consider going to that's my deal in a nutshell.

Doug, I really hope you're finding some answers and are able to get on a plan to attack it. I am avoiding refined sugar, white carbs, and alcohol and am sticking to an anti-inflammation Lyme diet in hopes that will help. I'm not a big person so am a little concerned about losing too much weight as it's pretty restrictive at first; but, am going to see how this goes for the mean time. Please post on what's up with you, okay? Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Sorry for the long post....I'm a bit wordy :)


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