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[QUOTE=claireygirl;3536005]Hi Monarog

Many thanks for your post, any advice is greatly appreciated. I will put this under the Lyme disease thread. I am not sure what tests were done but was told that they were the same tests done when I originally had Lyme disease. I phoned the lab up and was told that the tests showded no infection at present, and when I quizzed them futher they replied no comment and said I woud have to refer back to my doctor.I will find out exactly what tests they were.
Many Thanks again
Hi claireygirl;3536005
There is a testing lab in california Usa thast does very accurate western blot tests none although are foolproof but they are highly reccomended . They did mine and it lit up like a light bulb and tested positive for cdc standards and pcr was positive as well . It cost approx two to three hundred dollars for the testing
If you locate a lyme literate doctor they will often treat you on symptoms and you at least stand a chance
Check with ticker on this site and she may be able to help you locate one in the UK
I know all to well the devastating effects of Lyme . I had a stroke from it and now my insurance has denied coverage for it and am scared to death to return to the state I was in 1 1/2 years ago but will have to try and fight it .
I have always been a fighter when it comes to right and wrong and will try to gather energy to do so
Keep the faith and be dilegent on finding a doctor to treat you a Lyme Literate one . I swear the others think we are all crazy or something
I wish they could walk a mile in our shoes for just a day and maybe they would wake up .
Please don't let it go too long the consequences can be devestaing to you and your family
I have not been able to work for over a year and a half and have so much fatigue and pain all the time it is sickening but the insurance company thinks it has done enough and has now refused to cover my treatments
Time will tell I guess I will say a few prayers for both of us and the other lymies. Maybe some day there will be a solution for this
Again see if ticker has any suggestions on a lyme literate doctor in the UK
Take care and good luck

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