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I am from the uk and was diagnosed with Lyme disease almost three yeras ago.I had the tell tale rash and after having blood tests which confirmed the
disease I was then treated with 3 weeks of doxycyline. This appeared to clear the rash and I didnt really have any other symptoms at the time.

All was fine until 2 years later when I started to have many health problems.It started last August when I had severe shoulder and neck pains and numbness and tingling in my left arm and lost all use in my arm for two days or so. After taking anti inflamatory drugs for a month it settled down for a while. Then I stated to feel very depressed, I noticed my hair was thinning, and I stated to get a lot of neck pain. I went back to Doctors on numerous occasions over next few months with lots of other symptoms including severe pain/pressure in head at night, panic attacks,weight loss, hair loss sleeplessness, pins and needles in left and now right arms and also legs. I have had neck scans which showed that I have some discs in my neck that are bulging but I have been advised that these will right themselves and are not bad enough to be operated on.

The pains in my head have got worse at night and I havn't had a good nights sleep in months and I feel shattered most of the time. I stumbled accross Lyme disease and hair loss on the internet recently and after looking at the symptoms which I thought resembled so many of mine I went back to the doctors to ask for another Lyme test. I had the results back today and was told that they were negative. I feel now I am back to square one. I feel completely zapped of energy![/QUOTE]

I'm sorry you're feeling so badly. :( I think that first off, your doctors didn't treat you long enough. 4-6 weeks seems the typical length of treatment for somebody who was just infected (plus an additional month or so, just to be on the safe side). Treating until the rash disappears doesn't seem like a great plan, because there are a lot of symptoms (as you're finding out) which can show up a while -weeks, months, years- later. It seems to me that doctors should treat, and then at least re-test before sending you away with a "clean" bill of health.

Hopefully somebody here can recommend a good Lyme doctor in the UK. It seems like there aren't many to go around.. they're hard to find even here in the US. :( I sure hope you get to a doctor soon, and that he or she can help you to start feeling better!

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