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Hi Doug...

Glad you posted. As you know, I'm new to this world of Lyme so I'll let the other more experienced chime "expert" opinion here....but, it seems to me you now know the beast you are battling. Your IgG result (long standing infection) appears very significant with 5 bands, plus the IND band as well. Your IgM result is also significant, and probably both will be considered + by your LLMD.

Did you know that most commercial labs don't even run bands 31 & 34? They are so specific to Lyme that they were pulled for vaccine development by many labs per CDC's request; this is my understanding anyway - and you're ++/+ for both. Please let us know what Dr. R's input is on your results. I am sad you may have this ugly bug too. Yet at the same time, knowing how sick you've been and you are...and the not knowing, at least maybe there can be a solid plan of attack with some hope for improvement, ya know? I've talked about you a lot to my husband; I'll have to update him. Thinking of you. Hope you can get your doc's input tomorrow - let me know. No + for Babesia and/or Ehrlichia, hope not...thinking of you. Mona

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