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[QUOTE=smith20;3552149]Hi everyone....
Just looking for some advice here. I've been on IV Rocephin for 2 weeks now. 2 grams a day. The 1st week was a breeze (aside from the whole PICC line learning ordeal...) but for almost a week now I've had some major symptoms back. They started about 5 days ago and have been getting steadily worse. Headaches, eye twitches, fog / memory issues, fatigue, and that whole "can't be bothered to do anything" feeling.
Any idea how long this goes on for? And is this a 4 week cycle like the bugs reproduction pattern? ie, if I have a bad week this week (and lets hope its just a week), will I expect another one 4 weeks from now? I feel like I'm in a cloud & I'm really hoping its going to lift very soon....
Hi Smith20
Yes this is usually the pattern of getting rid of this disease but depending on how long you had been infected and how much bacteria you are killing off it should be less over each month.
I know there are many times when all I can do is go to bed when this is going on . I would use heat and ice packs for my head then take my pain meds and a antianxiety med and this would reduce the pain and would help with my convulsions from the herxs I usually try to do what I can in a day but sometimes have no choice but to relent to having to sleep it off
I hope this gets a little better for you over time and my hopes are for a timely recovery for you
Good luck and take care

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