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Hi Doug,

I feel bad for the pain and symptoms NP is having. It does sound like she's found some answers to at least some of her problems. I also just suggested that if she doesn't feel all of her symptoms are being explained, to at least entertain being tested for Lyme - sure hope things improve for her.

I totally understand being sick of docs, no kidding! You've certainly been around the block with them and all of your testing! The EMG/NVC wasn't a very fun test and I don't blame you for postponing that...hopefully, in the next while, you'll start seeing some improvement and can just cancel it all together. It really sounds like Dr. R is one of the best to see for LD; however, it seems like it's a complex disease, so any other input for you sure seems reasonable. I am just hoping that you start making some steps toward improvement, not only so you feel better, but just to give you assurance that you're on the right track - it sure seems so considering your WB results.

It just infuriates me to read about that neuro at Columbia. To say that ALS and Lyme do not share similar symptoms just glares with ignorance. It wouldn't take that doc 5-10 minutes to read online to see that he is sorely mistaken, ugh! It still amazes me that there are so many people sick with this junk and most docs are so clueless - to feel so bad and then be dismissed, continually misdiagnosed, and basically given no help by the majority of the medical profession just makes my blood boil...sorry, I'll get off of my soapbox!

Anyway....please let me know how things are progressing for you. It's still the same old roller coaster for me right now, not a lot of change - patience, huh? Yes, soon I will post supplements etc. - good info to exchange. When we're on so much stuff, how does one determine what seems to help and what doesn't? Right now...seems everything is taking way too long to provide relief! My doc seems to think my biggest symptom complaint is caused by the, I'm ready to start treating that now! I should begin treatment for that in about 10 days or so. I hope you're feeling better Doug. Take care. Mona

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