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Hi kyle1.

Sorry to hear you're sick, but happy to hear you'll be getting treatment.

I suffered with neurological problems. I had Lyme plus a co-infection called Bartonella. I was on 2 types of antibiotics: one to go after the Bartonella (Levaquin) and a whole bunch to go after the Lyme (Doxycycline, IV Rocephin, IV Zithromax, Omnicef, Ceftin, Biaxin, Bicillin and a few more I can't recall).

After being on Levaquin for 9 months, my neurological troubles all but disappeared.

My neurological symptoms were similiar to a lot of folks here:
- short term memory loss
- facial numbness
- trouble speaking and spelling
- frequently could not remember the right word for something, for example, I would say "pointy spoon" when I couldn't think of the word "fork"
- i completely lost my sense of balance
- ears that would not pop

But the worst of all was the brain fog. I felt as if I was stuffed inside a giant marshmallow. If someone spoke to me, even something simple, it was such a great effort to respond! It just so much effort it almost wasn't worth talking to anyone.

Hang in there, okay? It does get better.

Have you been tested for co-infections?

Peace and health to you,

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