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[QUOTE=tracey_416;3579036]Thanks to everyone who responded!
I did have Levaquin once before for an "unrelated" infection. Doc gave me samples for a few days. I felt much better in about a wk (brain fog lifted), but then all the normal symptoms came back. Unfortunately I don't have insurance, so it's about $16 per pill!!

I'm looking up Minocycline. Has anyone tried this? It's cheaper than the Levaquin, but more than the doxy.[/QUOTE]

Minocycline is a very interesting antibiotic. I've been on it for about 1.5 years, and my LD symptoms, after a 15 year infection, are slowing declining, and I sometimes feel almost normal now. It is very effective against Lyme and common co-infections, and it crosses the B-B barrier very effectively. It is being used to treat MS with great success, and is now undergoing large scale MS clinical trials in Canada. Aside from being a very effective antibiotic, it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory with neuro-protective properties. It has been given to millions of people for months at a time to treat adult acne (rosacea), and it is very safe. It is also being given to many people, for years at a time, to treat Rheumatoid arthritis. Some people may have problems with dizziness, and it is recommended that you do not lay down for an hour or so, after taking it.

I was treated with a variety of antibiotics including Ketek, flagyl, mepron, zithromax and two months of IV cephtriaxone. IMHO, minocycline is just as effective as the IV treatment, when taken in high doses (400mg/day) and at 200mg/day is as good as any other oral abx. I have had very minimal side effects from the mino. It is very effective in treating my joint pain and brain fog, and in my opinion, it might be the best treatment available for chronic LD. Minocycline is off patent and is available under a variety of trade names. Doxy might be almost as good, and tetracycline is another option. Dr Donta, recommends treating LD with tetracycline, IIRC, and it is quite effective against bartonella as well, and probably the least expensive of this class of abx.

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