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:)Hi Everyone,

I'm a 54 old female and recently had a visit with my MD because for the last month or so I have joint pain everywhere, extremities, including my groin and sore lymph nodes under my arms. I also had two EKG's that said I had a VBlock and short of breath with heart palpatations. My cardioligist ran a stress echo and he said my heart was fine.

The ELISA came out negative but 3 bands, #23, #39 & #41 on IgM came out positive for the Western Blot. He put me on Doxycycline twice a day as a preventative.

He referred me to an infectious disease dr. who is running a series of repeated tests. And they indicated if the ELISA came out negative, the WB was a false positive. (I've read the contrary)

She asked if I had a cat. She said some people get a bacterial infection from cleaning the litter box and she thought it was that.

Since I have most of the common lymes symptoms, including some speech oddities, I strongly disagree. I'm really nervous that the doxycyline is not enough and I'm worried about heart damage and/or nurological. She totally thought that the abnormal EKG's were unrelated.


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