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Dear reader,

I had tic bite in May 2007, had blood test as per advice from family doctor, and came negative result. Family doctor did not inform sufficiently so trusted the blood test result. But after a year in 2008 April I started to have itching in my legs. So went to family doctor who asked to do test for Lyme diseases (Borellia) again and indeed came out the positive result. After that I got Doxycycline for twenty days. I had diarrhea during medicine period.

I completed the course of taking medicine for 20 days. But after three weeks of stop taking medicine, I started to have knee pain (feel when I move up or down the stairs). When I ask my doctor she tells me there is no way to do the test and 20 days dose is highest dose to get rid of Lyme in my case.

Can anybody help me advising?
1. How to make sure I got rid of Lyme disease? Is there any tests or method to find it if I donít have Borellia anymore after completing the dose of Doxycycline 20 days?
2. Is there any doctor or Lyme expert in the Netherlands who can advise or treat me to get rid of Lyme completely incase any?
3. Can it be that the knee pain is a part of Lyme disease showing itís not completely treated?

So many questions roaming around, would be greatly appreciated for any advise, comment


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