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No Rash?
May 27, 2008
I am curious how many people got Lyme disease, but had no rash around the tick bite?

I had a deeply imbedded tick 2 weeks ago. The area is irritated, but I do not have that tell-tale rash (my grandmother had Lyme disease and I do remember what it looked like). But a week ago I started having this headache that fluctuates between a low-grade headache and a couple mornings terrible headache accompanied by fever and flu like symptoms (vomiting, body aches, chills) that clears up by the evening. And before anyone asks - I am NOT pregnant. The low-grade headache has finally faded, but I am concerned that I may have Lyme disease (since I do live a couple towns over from Lyme and my dog has contracted Lyme disease here in spite of being vaccinated).

I have heard it is possible to not have the rash, but I was curious how common that was. I have such sensitive skin I can't believe I would ever be asymptomatic in that area - but I suppose stranger things have happened.

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