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After fighting with various doctors for about 8 years to run the Lyme's test, I asked my dermatologist if she would run it along with some other blood work she was running on me. She did and I tested positive on the Lyme AB/Western Blot Reflex Lyme IgG/IgM Ab as well as the Lyme Ab Interp., EIA. (My testing was done at LabCorp in Birmingham, AL.)

Here's a little background...

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed by process of elimination to have Psoriatic Arthritis. Without going into all of my symptoms, I will tell you that I have now had 2 blood test diagnoses of psoriasis skin breakouts. However, my main issue has been arthritic. The pain started quickly in my hands and fingers and progressed to my feet. Additionally, my knees swell with fluid, but are usually not painful. Initially, when I was diagnosed with P.A. I was accepting of the diagnosis and with time, and a bout with ulcers, we found a cheap and effective drug that successfully controlled my arthritic symptoms and made it possible for me to preform daily activities with moderate to low pain.

My aunt was the one who brought the then new developments in Lymes disease deviations to my attention about 2 years later. Over the years, as I have switched Rheumatologists for a variety of reasons (insurance change, didn't like'em, bad office staff) I have always encouraged the doctors to perform the Lyme's test. None of them agreed. Some were quite arrogant about it. The problem is, I live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, where Lyme is not common. However, I'm a New Yorker and have always traveled to NY. So, I have had opportunities to be exposed. I have never found a tic, nor have I had the distinctive rash, although I've had plenty of other rashes (psoraisis, seborheic dermatitis).

With this positive test result, I am going to see an infectious disease specialist in a couple of days.

Any advice for getting the appropriate treatment would be much appreciated!

-GA Lyme Girl

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