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I get all the neck, and shoulder popping pains like you do. That was the first symptoms that came on for me with lyme. They have gotten better with being on antibiotics off and on for the last year.

The electric buzz sensation I do get but I get that on the left side of my ribs. It goes or starts from my left side of my stomach and goes up under my arm pits. Wierdest feeling and hard to explain. I think my doctors think I'm nuts. I have a lot of rib pain, couldn even throw my dog the frisbee for awhile because it hurt so back. That has subiside also but still get some pain on the left side of my ribs under my armpits.

I did get bit and had the rash on the left side of my stomach, waist line area. I seem to have all of my problems on my left side. No problems or pains on the right side of my body/ribs.


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